Video Popup plugin

Embed video / transparent video easily into DHTML popups

All 3 ADP Plugins are now included free with ADP Professional & Ultimate

A note about Transparent Player

This plugin for Advanced DHTML Popup is for the most simple implementations of video using a simple player incapable of stream-end functions such as redirect and many other useful functions. We recommend using the Transparent Player for all more sophisticated implementations.

Advanced DHTML Popup will embed any content at all into DHTML popups - and video popups are no exception including transparent video. If you have your preferred third party player (or a simple SWF) and video ready, then you can simply link directly to a working example.

If you have no knowledge of video players and don't have the time or inclination to learn about them then with a low-cost plugin ADP provides easy embedding of transparent or other Flash video in your website contents.

Easily configure player parameters and flashvars from a new form directly into the project. This plugin (requires ADP Professional or Ultimate) makes adding video into the content easy and simple.

If you are new to making transparent Flash® Video and want to do so, we recommend one and one only place to learn how to produce transparent video.

What the plugin adds to ADP Pro

  • A new template for loading into Advanced DHTML Popup Pro, under a new templates folder "videos"
  • A new menu item "Video" which leads to a form for filling out the video width/height and all other parameters. This will be added to with more forms for popular players.
  • A demo using an actual alpha transparent video included with the plugin