Essential Tools for Monitoring Hospital’s Online Reputation

Reputation management is now a trending issue in health care. Several health systems have taken matters into their own hands by posting physician reviews on their websites, but this strategy does not eliminate commercial review sites from the equation even if it reduces their influence. With that being said, posted below are some of the best tools that will help modern medical websites.

Reputation Health

Reputation Health is designed for medical clinics but expands to hospitals and health systems that have a large number of facilities. With its healthcare focus, Reputation Health monitors Yelp, HealthGrades, Vitals, ZocDoc, and other commercial rating sites and helps you acquire positive reviews from patients. Reviews for each of these sites can be found at a glance, and you can also choose to receive email alerts.


HealthLoop, which was also featured in the Washington Post, combines its foot-tracking app with appointment follow-up emails to improve the overall patient encounter. When patients post testimonials, HealthLoop shows doctors’ engagement and satisfaction scores in real-time and asks patients to post their testimonials on Yelp and other third-party sites.

Binary Fountain

Binary Fountain was also featured in the Washington Post. But quite a few health systems use the service to print testimonials within their websites, and it also tracks third-party sites for real-time health ratings. New reviews are categorized to give you a more complete picture of the feedback patients are posting online.

Google Alerts

You don’t have enough time to Google every day. This helpful service shows you search terms and sends you an email when you might discover new search results. You can probably set a limit on the number of emails you receive weekly or daily, but if you’re concerned about response time, you should probably set it based on what happens. If your name is similar to another hospital or program, you can limit notifications from the site so that you only receive emails related to it.…

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Practical Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer

Families do have problems, and some are intense enough to need the support of a legal practitioner. Divorce and custody disputes aren’t as straightforward as you might believe, as there could be dangers that may be connected with organizing family law cases without a lawyer. Many individuals don’t seek a family lawyer’s services to save cash, or as a result of the premise, they can manage this kind of situation themselves. Since many of us are not familiar with the family law basics, here are the reasons why working with an authorized practitioner in a family law situation is in your very best interest.

Legal Advocacy and Protection

A family lawyer knows both the family’s laws and the outcomes of similar cases from the past. A family lawyer can use their expertise and skill to get the best possible results for you. He or she knows how to present your case in court so that the judge will hear your side of the story. When an attorney represents another party, it is much easier to get into a lack of understanding of the law. A family lawyer will educate you on practical and realistic risks and show you how to preserve your rights.

Settles Child Custody Dispute

alcoholicThe most complex and stressful part of a divorce case is the war between the divorcing parents to have sole physical custody of their kids. A family lawyer will work in your best interest to satisfy your desire to obtain only the right of guardianship.

Generally, courts allow joint custody, while legal custody may be mutual. For this reason, couples are advised not to be arrogant in dealing with custody issues, as there is no way to get control of their children unless there is strong evidence that the other party is unable to have actual custody, such as emotional illness, addiction or abusive behavior. Your efforts to prove that you are the best guardian for your child’s control and safety will be at odds with the outcome, and a lawyer is an excellent help to guide you through these likely repercussions.

Ensures to Pay Spousal/Child Support

Issues that are considered a violation of the divorce agreement, such as skipping, stopping, or refusing to pay child support, are typical of ex-spouses. Child or spousal support is the child support money that a qualified parent must pay for a former spouse based on a court instruction. A family lawyer can help you resolve the issue if the other parent is not paying child support. If you are a qualified person and cannot pay the money because of a financial loss, a family lawyer can help you reduce support money.…

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electric bike

The Usage of Electric Bikes

In today’s world, where advanced technology offers many advantages, people can own a convenient life. They can work and do everything they want more easily, as technology’s support covers every aspect from home to office, including the transportation mode. When talking about technology in transportation, it reminds us of an electric vehicle trend, such as an electric car and electric bike that shows high demand.

Suppose you are an environmentalist who loves to exercise and concern about your health, then you are likely to buy an electric bike to meet your standard and fulfill your needs. Though conventional bikes are excellent enough to provide anything and take you anywhere you want, it can drain your energy and make you tired. As a result, you may feel fatigued and need to slow down. Meanwhile, electric bikes are not only environmentally friendly but also user-friendly. When you want to speed up, it will not harm your legs, which is why an electric bike is a much better option. Therefore, you can utilize an electric bike with many different purposes and destinations, and some of the legit recommendations are mentioned below:

hunting and hiking ebike

Hiking and Hunting

Do you like to hike and hunt? If so, it is always great to enjoy the scenery around using an electric bike. Find such specific needs through the article for recommendations. Such type of bike can speed up to twenty km/h, so it is nice for hunting. 

Meanwhile, it is still better to bring a specific mountain bike if you want to visit varied terrain areas. However, it is much better to use an electric hiking bike for some shortcuts and dirt roads. Also, carrying an electric bike in a bus or subway, although it is heavier with the battery the bike holds.

Daily Routine

daily routine ebikeNot only for extreme activity, but an electric bike is also a good solution for your daily routine. Many employees and workers always struggle to fight traffic every morning and arrive on time at their office. Such a commuting habit can be easily solved with the electric bikes with its very thoughtful principle. Think of China and other famous countries that make the most of bicycles for effectivity and productivity. No wonder many people have started to enjoy them in a daily routine.


The fascinating technology on electric bikes lies in its safety for the environment. You can reduce fossil fuel consumption if you only charge a small power. Whatever the situation, there are still a couple of pedals to use every time you drive on level ground, even on the road. For many, the batteries in these bikes behave like a back-up power. Therefore, an electric bike is perfect to use for exercise. You can also rest in the middle of your cycling by using the battery to pedal your bike.

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